3SSolar develops a battery based System for small Businesses. In case of blackout it switches in less than 20 milliseconds from grid to battery power and back. That’s fast enough to keep computers running. To get the business over the blackout the most essential devices such as electronic cashier systems, security systems and a basic LED illumination must stay up.  With the smallest inverter, depending on the installed battery power, it can deliver 230VAC single-phase with max. 1,6kW from 2,4hrs up to nearly 4hrs or even longer with less loads. There is a range of inverters up to 5kW.

Targeting customers are small businesses who are not able to place small generators or want to replace them, offices, medical practices, domestic houses or even police stations or public services.

The System will be first presented at the 2015 SOLAR SHOW in Johannesburg, South Africa.


3SSolar develops the “3SSOLAR-POWER-BOX”, a 12VDC battery based system for rural homes in development countries. Deliverd with 2 3,8W LED lamps and equipped with a 12V approx. 70Ah Deep Cycle Solar Battery the System is strong enough to run the 2 LED lamps for more than 50hrs. As additional Equipment a phone-charger plug, a ceiling fan and a 12VDC LED TV can be [...]


3SSolar and Solardynamik signed a cooperation contract with AEQUITAS ADVISORY (PTY) Ltd for the development of renewable energy Projects in southern Africa.


3SSolar signes cooperation contract with SOLARDYNAMIK GmbH in Berlin for the development of new renewable Projects.


The Sundaya JouLite 150 Kit is the smallest and low cost “entry level product” into the Sundaya product range.  The JouLite is  multifunctional, it can be used as phone charger, as torch, as table lamp or with the bottle stand as a study table.


     Photovoltaics turning sunlight into electricity. Solar cells are connected to form solar modules for a high-performance and efficient solar array. Several of these modules are combined and installed on your roof with mounting systems. The direct current generated by the solar module is converted into alternating current by a power inverter and can be [...]


Custom Made UV Systems for Various Applications: Disinfection of process water, drinking water, pool – and waste water, air and surfaces Destruction of residual ozone and TOC reduction in ultrapure water Reduction of chloramines in swimming pool water UV – Wet oxidation (AOP) using UV radiation for degradation of organic matter in water UV laboratory [...]


SunFire Solutions and 3SSolar are looking for financial and material support for the establishment of an Education and Training Center for Renewable Energies in South Africa which aims the promotion of trade with European products for renewable energies, especially photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind power.


The SunFire Team at the AidEx2013 show


The Sundaya JouleStick Lightkit is one of the low cost “entry level products” into the Sundaya product range. The JouleStick is multifunctional, it can be used as phone charger, as torch, as table lamp or as hanging lamp above a study table. The Sundaya JouleStick Lightkit contains everything necessary for installation – a JouleStick30, a dimmable JouleStick Lite with [...]