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SunFire Solutions and 3SSolar are looking for financial and material support for the establishment of an Education and Training Center for Renewable Energies in South Africa which aims the promotion of trade with European products for renewable energies, especially photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind power. The objective of the project is to demonstrate the benefits [...]


The SunFire Team at the AidEx2013 show


The Sundaya JouleStick Lightkit is the smallest and low cost “entry level product” into the Sundaya expandable product range. The JouleStick is is multifunctional, it can be used as phone charger, as torch, as table lamp or as hanging lamp above a study table. The Sundaya JouleStick Lightkit contains everything necessary for installation – a [...]


Hexlumi PV Street Lights PRAELUCE LED Street lights – Made in Germany Praeluce HEXLUMI and RU LED Street Lights are completely Made in Germany. They are equipped with high quality LEDs. The number of LEDs varies accordingly the place of installation and road type. With a central 5 kWp Solar-Power-Station consisting of Inventux X3-125 Wp [...]

May 012012

3SSolar becomes Member of the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Maximum yield of clean solar energy and optimal return on investment – many factors are decisive when it comes to the profitability of a solar system. And not every solar technology is suitable for every location. Ideal conditions are often assumed, yet rarely exist in reality. This is where the micromorph thin-film solar systems from Inventux shine – [...]


Because of the need for life enhancing products that are energy efficient for the developing countries of the world, we are always expanding into new areas. If you are interested in these exciting times as the world switches to renewable energy we are always looking for investors to help us expand. Please contact Wolfgang Ackenhausen. [...]


Because of our extensive contacts in the countries of South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, and Ghana. We can connect you with worthwhile villages, hospitals, organizations and schools who need help as they develop their infrastructure. We have 3 key products that help the people in Africa: Sundaya Solar light systems for homes and schools Nedap solar [...]


Sundaya T-lite the little Brother of the famous Sundaya Ulitium Range, completely compatible with the Ulitium Range and now IP 54 protected for outside use.   More information: Sundaya T-lite 180 datasheet (PDF) Sundaya T-lite 180 Light-Kit datasheet (PDF) Sundaya T-lite 180 Boxes (PDF) Sundaya T-lite 180 Hub5 datasheet (PDF) Sundaya T-lite 180 Bayonet-Cable-Plug datasheet (PDF) Related products: Sundaya Auxiliary [...]