Oct 222012


PRAELUCE’s “HEXLUMI” and “RU” LED Street Lights are completelyHexlumi Side Entry “Made in Germany”. They are equipped with high quality LEDs. The number of LEDs varies accordingly the place of installation and road type. With a central 5 kWp Solar-Power-Station, and a 5 kVA BBBox “Solar” it is possible to operate 40 up to 100 street lights depending on local circumstances and type of the road. Because of the 230 VAC electricity distribution the lamps can be installed in 2 km circle around the Solar-Power-Station. Available options are an automatic dimmer with motion sensor – “The Walking Light” – or a programmable “Late Night Dimmer” for higher efficiency. We can also provide aluminum lamp poles 4.5 – 6.0 and 10 meters high as well as the completeLeuchte RU2 project calculation.

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