Dec 282016

3SSolar UG developed the BBBox “Solar”, the perfect plug & play solar electricity storage solution and power outage prevention for domestic homes and business.

– Secure and Uninterruptable Power Supply Day and Night –

Electricity is the backbone of each industrialized society and economy. The increased dependency on continuous power supply related to electronics and daily life makes today’s’ society much more vulnerable concerning power supply interruptions. That’s why the BBBox is the perfect solution.3SSolar BBBox Front-Side View Web

The BBBox “Solar” with its integrated solar charger can be connected to solar arrays up to 5.8kWp and stores the over day harvested electric energy for use at night. Due to its uninterruptable power supply it keeps electronics running smoothly even during sudden blackouts, in your home, office, shop or in public institutions. It can also serve as autonomous off-grid power supply in remote areas.

The BBBox is connected between the mains and the devices to be protected. Heavy loads such as air-conditioners, electric geysers, ……. stay connected to the mains and shut down with a power outage. In case of a power outage the BBBox with its UPS function switches in less than 20 milliseconds from mains to battery power. That’s fast enough to keep computers running. Your most essential devices at home or for your business, such as electronic cash decks, security systems, LED lighting and all connected protection deserving devices will stay up and keeps your household or business running.

The working time depends on the installed battery capacity, the current battery charging conditions and the connected loads. The integrated electronic with its battery temperature sensor controls the charging and discharging process to provide optimal battery life time. In remote areas optional a small wind generator or a small conventional generator that starts automatically when battery power becomes low, can be connected.

There are several BBBox versions available with output from 1.6kVA up to 10kVA. Each BBBox contains 5.8kWh battery power. Battery power extension boxes with additional 5.8kWh and 11.6 kWh are available. More BBBoxes can be combined to get a higher output or to create a 3-phase system. 3SSolar UG can also deliver tailor-made BBBoxes that meets your requirements. Ask your electrician for more information about possible options.

The BBBox is manufactured in Berlin. All used materials are made in Germany/Europe.

The BBBox is a high quality product “Made in Germany”.

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