Feb 272011

Houses in rural areas as well as average garden houses and garages do not have electricity or light. It is too expensive to run electrical service to these structures.  The “SUNDAYA Ulitium Light Kits” will provide light for these structures at a very reasonable cost.  The light is generated completely by a solar panel and the low consumption LED lamps have built in batteries for storage.Ulitium

This is a revolutionary product in the solar energy industry, designed for the general consumer who wants to gain energy independence from the grid electricity or use electricity obtained from renewable and ecologically-friendly sources.

The Sundaya Ulitium Light Kits (LED lights energized by DC electricity from Solar Energy) come with 1, 2, 3 or 4 lamps, complete with solar panel. Kits can be combined to build a full system for the entire home. DC appliances, such as the Sundaya LCD TV, can be used directly with this system.



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