Mar 052015

SunFire Solutions is a Johannesburg based company specialised in solar cooking and renewable energies. Over the past 12 years SunFire has developed a substantial community-based network. To address the lack of awareness for Solar Technologies SunFire has created a Travelling road show concept, “The Save-Our-Souls Solar Caravan”. The Solar Caravan is a natural progression of our work and appropriate tool for championing sustainable development as a whole.

Approximately 3 Billion people or half the world’s population rely on firewood for energy to cook and boil water each day. Constant firewood collection entrenches poverty and is a prime contributor towards rapidly increasing deforestation. Communities that can no longer collect firewood live in “energy traps” reducing their ability to sustain ways of life maintained for millennia. In Africa, eco systems act as reserve banks for food, medicine and general well being. Deforestation destroys habitat of co-dependent plants, insects and small and large mammal species – exponentially compounding poverty, the energy trap and plant and animal extinction.