Feb 082015

TesVolt_WebPicTESVOLT is a German supplier and manufacturer of lithium battery storage systems up to turnkey megawatt power stations. TESVOLT storage systems have a wide range of applications and are tailored for the specific requirements of renewable energy sources. They can be transported and connected to virtually all generation units (PV systems, biogas plants, CHP plants, wind turbines, hydroelectric power stations) or hybrid plants on the low-voltage grid.

On-Grid Ready for plug & play
Off Grid CHP connection (generator)
Emergency power Solar, wind, hydroelectric and biogas
Self-sufficiency Economical


TESVOLT Battery Storage Systems can be used as an on-grid or independently as an off-grid system. Due to the short discharge time with high current, also for capacitive discharge, the TESVOLT Battery Storage Systems are efficient emergency power systems when needed.

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